Electronic Design Services


Our company, located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is one of the most active design firms in North America which offers cost-
effective Electronic Design design services to local and international customers. Whether you are interested in Custom Electronic Design or developing firmware for special applications or researching a new product idea, we can help.

We are an end to end provider, so your idea will be designed in a form of a prototype, then will be tested, validated and finally will be commercialized and will be in mass production.

Our many years experience in Electronic Deisgn would definitly befit your project and reduces the risk of your product development. 



Whether you are a small startup company or a big corporation we can help you Bring your idea to reality.



Using a very well experienced company in design, significantly reduces the risk of your project, we have done +200 projects since May 2005.



Understanding the product idea, concept analysis, design, prototyping, corrections and redesign, pilot run manufacturing and finally production is what we typically go through in our work.


Engineering is our passion and our work is fun.

Arshon Technology Inc. is an authorized design partner of Microchip in Canada