"ARSHON TECHNOLOGY INCORPORATED" is an Engineering company in Custom Electronic Engineering with more than a decade of experience in the design field. We have created a number of proven designs for many different industries and our passion is to provide rugged designs for industrial applications.

Arshon Technology strives to be the best in its field and to provide its clients with incomparable services. We understand our customers' needs and we are bound by our professionalism to perform the design tasks in a timely fashion with the highest quality of workmanship. Engineering design requires perseverance, so we stand behind our designs for years after their creation, to resolve unforeseen issues, to improve performance or to upgrade the design, if necessary.

Arshon's team of seasoned engineers is capable of creating exceptional engineering designs of the highest quality and detailed documentation. We are flexible and can design the whole project or just do a part of it.


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We are specialized in: Custom Electronic Design, Circuits Design, Analog Design, FPGA Based system design, DSP and any Industrial Instrument design. We use the latest technology to provide the best design and consulting services in the electronic manufacturing industry.