Arshon Technology has a broad range of experience in electronic product design and development in variety of industries and the list of our successful projects continues to grow. We have accumulated many years of experience in converting our client's ideas into marketable products. Do not hesitate to consult us about your needs as there is an excellent chance that we can provide you with a great design that will turn your idea into reality. Over the years we have honed our skills and amassed a wealth of experience that we can apply to your idea.
Contact us and give Arshon Technology the opportunity to show you what we can do.  You will be impressed.

Below is a list of areas in which we have developed at least one product.

  • Medical Devices
  • Solid State Relay for Protection and Control in the power industry
  • Servo Systems
  • Sensor Conditioning Circuitry Designs
  • Handheld Devices
  • Laboratory Measurement Equipment
  • Measurement and Instrumentation for the oil industry
  • Signal Converters for Instrumentation
  • Data Recorders
  • USB Devices
  • CAN, RS232 and RS485
  • Voice Recorders and Encoders
  • Data Conversion and Instrumentation
  • Video Cameras
  • Mass Storage
  • Bluetooth Devices
  • Electronic Laboratory Devices
  • Wireless Controls
  • Home Security Systems
  • Solar Cell Controllers and Chargers
  • Test Fixture Designs for In-circuit and Functional Tests
  • PC Designs for better manufacturability

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We are specialized in: Custom Electronic Design, Circuits Design, Analog Design, FPGA Based system design, DSP and any Industrial Instrument design. We use the latest technology to provide the best design and consulting services in the electronic manufacturing industry.