Arshon News
Whirlpool Vendor Contract (Mar 2012):
Arshon Technology is now in the list of vendors fo...more
Capacitor Charge Controller (Feb 2012):
A controller for capacitor charge and discharge to...more
Frequency and Voltage Logger (Dec 2011):
Frequency and voltage logger for VFD application w...more
EDM Controller (Nov 2011):
A new version of controller for EDM machine for GE...more
Sophisticated Stepper Motor (Oct 2011):
A very sophisticated stepper motor controller with...more
Power manager Tx00IP (Sep 2011):
First versions of Power manager Tx00IP for Tributa...more
SMART WATT (Jul 2011):
SMART WATT project started as an internal project ...more
University of Guelph Co-op (Jun 2011):
Arshon Technology starts a cooperation with Univer...more
Internet Based Auto-Transformer (May 2011):
An Internet based auto-transformer system is desig...more
Laser Movement Detector (Mar 2011):
A battery operated laser movement detector is deve...more
Multi-Channel EDM Machines (Feb 2011):
A contract signed with General Electric Energy sec...more
Spark-less Power Supply (Nov 2010):
The first version of spark-less power supply was d...more
Maritime Nordic (Jun 2010):
A Contract signed with Maritime Nordic to develop ...more
OCE event (May 2010):
Arshon Technology participates in OCE event in Dow...more
Digital Stethoscope (Apr 2010):
A Digital stethoscope device developed for a confi...more

Welcome to ARSHON TECHNOLOGY INCORPORATED. Our company, located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is one of the most active design firms in North America which offers cost-effective hardware, software and system design services to local and international customers. Whether you are interested in Custom Electronic Design or developing firmware for special applications or researching a new product idea, we can help. Our services can be offsite or onsite depending on our customer's needs and we are committed to performing the task in a prompt and timely fashion. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

We specialize in the following fields:

  • Hardware Design: Analog and Digital systems
  • Embedded Design for complex systems using the latest fast processors
  • Signal Processing Systems using the latest fast DSPs
  • Instrumentation Design for harsh environmental applications where accuracy is very important
  • Digital Design using FPGA and programmable logics
  • Special Analog Design for applications with specific needs
  • Project Management to manage the whole process of design and prototyping

Designing for Production (one of our specialties) Contact us today for your needs.

You may also check our projects!

Microchip Authorized Design Partner: Arshon Technology Inc. specializes in designing with Microchip products. Visit the Microchip Technology web site for more information by clicking here
We are specialized in: Custom Electronic Design, Circuits Design, Analog Design, FPGA Based system design, DSP and any Industrial Instrument design. We use the latest technology to provide the best design and consulting services in the electronic manufacturing industry.