Did you know that you can do your research work or new product development through us and get advantage of Canadian Government SR & ED program?

Government of Canada values the research work and new product development and to promote it, it provides financial support for Canadian companies who are working in this field and it really doesn't matter if we do the design for a foreign entity.

One of these programs called SR&ED and it stands for Scientific Research and Experimental Development. Here is a link to the government website:

Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR & ED) Tax Incentive Program

It is a tax incentive program offered by the Government of Canada to companies which strive to innovate. The aim of the program is to foster experimentation and technological advancement for the benefit of the Canadian economy.

Although the program is administered by the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency), almost all provincial governments participate as well by adding to the federal credit.

The Canadian SR & ED program is the most generous of its kind in the world, paying in excess of CAN $2 Billion annually to over 16,000 participants.

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