Electromagnetic compatibility is one of the main requirements in today's engineering, especially in the development of a new product.
EMC/EMI is a critical element which could seriously affect the cost and time of development if not considered from the beginning of the design process!
Designers must understand the EMI/EMC requirements of the product they are designing. Mistakes in design because of neglecting the EMC/EMI requirements have the potential to cause a huge negative impact on product development and in some cases may cause the whole project to shut down. The cost of going back and starting over from step one can be huge.

Arshon Technology engineers, with their many years of experience in product development, understand this very well and all of them are well trained in proper designs for EMC. During all stages of the design process, our engineers concentrate on the EMI/EMC requirements and related issues to ensure the design will meet all of the EMC criteria. At Arshon Technology, we have an EMC Lab partner, who helps us to evaluate the design in the early stages of development.
They also verify that our design has a low risk of failing the testing procedures. Plus, in the final stages, they assist us to certify the device.

Depending on the product category, we may need sections of standards like IEC, IEEE and CE. Please, feel free to discuss your case by contacting us!

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