Voltage-Controlled Current Source: One of the challenges in circuit design is building a good current source, especially when the load is variable or the current must be controlled with a voltage source. Figure 1 shows a simple voltage-controlled current source using ... more

Data acquisition with buffering using 8 pin PIC microcontroller: There are many different data-converter chips or micro-controllers on the market that can do the analog/digital conversion. However the idea of using a low price, 8-pin microcontroller that saves space and money and also does the buffering and more ... more

Temperature Compensated Logarithmic Amplifier: A number of instrumentation applications can benefit from Logarithmic amplifiers (LOG-AMPs). However, this family of amplifiers always has temperature and loop stability problems for a wide range of input and operating temperatures. In our design... more

USB In-rush current protection: We are starting to see more and more products powered through the USB. This is because of the lower power consumption of integrated circuits plus a host of low power techniques.
But USB standard imposes ... more

Driving Two LEDs with a Single Microcontroller Port: Some boards may need many LEDs but the microcontroller doesn’t have enough ports for each LED. This forces the designer to either use an LED driver or use a microcontroller with more IO. Both of these options have an associated cost ... more

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