One of the greatest advantages of our North American society is an educational system that fosters creativity. Unlike some jurisdictions that emphasize rote learning and memorization of facts, our schools present students with the opportunity to express themselves and their ideas, to analyze and think critically about problems and to be creative and innovative in many different subject areas. It is little wonder that Americans and Canadians hold more patents than any other group of people. We have a tremendous resource here and should be taking advantage of it. Especially now, when we are losing so much of our manufacturing to offshore facilities. Our goal should not be to try and protect expensive domestic manufacturing operations from inexpensive foreign imports. It is difficult and unreasonable to try and compete with these foreign countries whose strength lies in their cheap labour force. What is preferable is to take advantage of our strength - our well educated and creative labour force and to concentrate on devising new products and new means of production.

But in order to accomplish this, people need an avenue to develop their ideas. They need access to individuals who can advise them and steer them in the right direction. And it all must be done in a professional and confidential manner. This is what Arshon Technology is all about. We are a company whose goal is to help people transform their ideas into reality. Our field of expertise is Electronic Design Engineering. That may exclude some ideas, but when you think about all the devices that depend on electronics, we do cover a lot of ground.
A wise man once said, "What is thought if it doesn't leave the thinker? If you think about it, it is nothing at all. One has to share his/her ideas with someone else in order to bring them to fruition. It is difficult to find an individual who at some time or another has not had a "bright idea". Unfortunately, many of these inventions die on the drawing boards of their creators' minds because most people do not follow up on their ideas.
Inventions are of great economic importance to our countries because they often result in new or improved products, more efficient manufacturing processes, or entirely new industries. Assisting inventors to transform their ideas into reality has never been more important than now when the stock market is tumbling, our traditional manufacturing industries are in desperate straits and we are facing an uncertain economic future.
Every product that you see was thought of by someone. It started simply as a "bright idea". The individual who thought of it was motivated enough to pursue it. The idea went through a feasibility analysis, a design process and eventually was manufactured and hit the store shelves. Your "bright idea" could be the next hot new item. Let us help you - it is why we are here. Don't procrastinate any longer. Contact us and learn how we can transform your idea into reality.

We are specialized in: Custom Electronic Design, Circuits Design, Analog Design, FPGA Based system design, DSP and any Industrial Instrument design. We use the latest technology to provide the best design and consulting services in the electronic manufacturing industry.