Analog Design Services

Analog Design is an art in Electronic Engineering, you need to spend many years playing with discrete components and designing circuits to be able to call yourself an Analog Designer.

At Arshon we have couple of senior Analog Designers who are designing Analog discrete circuits for many years and they learned all tricks and challenges involved in Analog Circuit Design.

We use PSpice simulation in some of our design to prove the concept before building the circuit and this helps in some of the areas to accelerate the development.

Analog Circuit is a solution for low cost design, so we design a complex circuit by building block of transistors and other elementary electronic components and the results will be very low cost and very custom.

We also in some very high-speed Digital circuits use Analog techniques to compensate the high frequency behavior of the elements and make them work.

Analog Circuit design is used in many other designs such LED lightening, Power Supply designs, Battery Chargers, Communication Circuitry and many more.