Analog Design Services

Analog Design is an art in Electronic Engineering, you need to spend many years playing with discrete components and designing circuits to be able to call yourself an Analog Designer.

At Arshon we have couple of senior Analog Designers who are designing Analog discrete circuits for many years and they learned all tricks and challenges involved in Analog Circuit Design.

We use PSpice simulation in some of our design to prove the concept before building the circuit and this helps in some of the areas to accelerate the development.

Bluetooth Wireless Design

Bluetooth is a low power wireless connectivity technology used to stream audio, transfer data and information between different Bluetooth enabled devices. There are two different type of Bluetooth technology, Basic Rate or Enhanced Data Rate and Low Energy Bluetooth.

We at Arshon have many years’ experience in design and development of Bluetooth based devices, we used chipsets from Microchip, Nordic and Cypress semiconductor companies.

Electronic Design Services

One of the fastest growing fields in engineering is Electronic Engineering. This is because it is almost impossible to find an industry or business which does not benefit in some way from electronic circuits. We are proud to be a part of this dynamic and challenging field.

Embedded Design Services

An embedded design is a complex interactive design between software and hardware. An example would be a digital watch. Since most embedded systems perform one or just a few dedicated functions, design engineers can reduce the size and cost of the product while increasing its reliability and performance. Many of the circuits we design are of this type and we have become experts in this area.

PCB Design Services

Whether you require a circuit design or a PCB design we at Arshon Technology can help you. We will review the details of the PCB in terms of size, features and assembly requirements and we will use the latest CAD software available to design the PCB layout for you.

Test Engineering

Test Engineering is one of the most important tasks in production. In this stage, all electronic boards are tested to verify that the product is free of any error. Testing usually has two stages: 1. The In-Circuit-Test (ICT) checks the components and the inter-connections of the parts on a PCB. With the ICT we can detect many problems, such as poor soldering, cold solder or solder bridge, improper component value, broken parts and similar connectivity problems.