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What we do

Our company, Arshon Technology Inc., is one of the most active design firms in USA and Canada, which offers cost-effective Electronic Design services to local and international customers. Whether you are interested in Custom Electronic Design or developing firmware for special applications or researching a new product idea, we can help.

We are an end to end provider, so your idea will be designed in a form of a prototype, then will be tested, validated and finally will be commercialized and will be in mass production.


Valuable Customers​

Arshon Service​

PCB Design

PCB Design

We design all types of printed circuit boards from basic to complex.

PCB Assembly

State of the art in PCB Assembly

Battery Storage

Battery Storage System Design

We design storage system KWh to MWh.


GPS System Design

We design GPS based location by touring systems.

Analog Design

Analog Design

We specialize legacy analog circuit design.

Bluetooth Design

Bluetooth Design

We have an experience in different Bluetooth wireless applications.

Firmware Engineering

Firmware Design

We have an experience in firmware development for a variety of micro controller platforms such as PIC, AVR, ARM.

Test Engineering

Test Engineering

We provide customized functional in-circuit test features.

Electronic Design

Electronic Design

We provide from A to Z electronic designs.



Wireless sensors and mass data acquisitions using cloud servers is our specialty.


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