How The HealthyBuzz can help with the COVID-19 outbreak


What is COVID-19?

After several pandemics that hit the world at large, COVID-19 is the virus that has blocked the entire world due to its spread. The virus started in China and has spread over 200 countries, killing thousands of people. Day by day, the disease is surprising many with an alarming number of infected people and deaths. Many countries, including the USA, the UK, Italy, France, New Zealand, Australia, Pakistan, India, Iran, and Saudi Arabia, are fighting the pandemic.

China has found its way out of the outbreak after taking specific measures. Now, the country is helping other nations to fight the pandemic. To make this pandemic worse, there is a huge shortage of ventilators, surgical masks, N95 masks, and PPE for medical experts. 

Impact of COVID-19

The virus affects the lungs and, in worst cases, leads to the development of pneumonia. Although the majority of people easily recover from the virus, it still leaves a significant impact on their lungs. 

From what the stats show, the virus is more vulnerable to the elderly. The disease has a low mortality rate as compared to the pandemics before. There is no vaccine or known treatment for COVID-19; however, the world is striving to develop one. The vaccine is not expected to come into the market until the next 12-18 months.

Until the pandemic ends, the World Health Organization (WHO) released some guidelines for the people to keep themselves protected from the virus. Currently, some of the major countries, including the superpower USA, is under lockdown. The economies are suffering as a result of this pandemic, and the healthcare systems are falling. People are recommended to follow the guidelines religiously to stop the spread of COVID-19. 

Why is touching your face dangerous during COVID-19?

Healthcare experts are recommending people to stop touching their faces to prevent the spread of the COVID-19. As well-explained by the experts, the virus does not spread through the air. The virus is only spread through droplets that come from the cough or sneeze of the infected person. Although the virus is not spread through the air, it has the susceptibility to stay on surfaces for a long time. 

Now, to avoid catching the virus, the experts suggested people to:
⦁    Practice social distancing
⦁    Wash their hands frequently
⦁    Avoid touching their faces
⦁    Strengthen their immune system
⦁    Keep a 6 ft. distance if they need to go to public 

All these recommendations have proven to be beneficial for people; however, people mistakenly believe washing hands is enough to keep up the good hygiene. While hands are subject to cross contamination and they get dirty quickly.  

The WHO has recommended not to touch the face as our mouth, nose, and eyes are the perfect pathway for the virus to enter our body. The person with the virus is also advised to wear a surgical mask at all times to avoid the spread of droplets while coughing and sneezing. Droplets can spread by coughing and sneezing, so the infected person should wear a surgical mask at all times.

In case the germ is in the hands, touching the face can make the transfer of the illness very easy. The virus travels into the body through the respiratory tract, which is either possible through person-to-person contact or by inhaling its particles. 

For this reason, people are recommended to keep a 6 ft distance from each other. The virus is not likely to travel more than 6 ft., making the transfer through particles is difficult for the virus. Other than this, touching your face can lead to the development of the infection.

Is washing hands enough?

No, washing hands is not enough. 

Our environment is filled with bacteria and viruses, which is why the touching face is not safe. We accidentally touch so many things during the day, for instance, keyboards, doorbells, doorknobs, plates, spoons, and other stuff. As the virus can reside on the surfaces, washing hands is not entirely safe. 
Washing hands can remove the virus from your hand until you do touch any surface or come into contact with the virus. No matter if you wash your hands hundreds of times, it can get dirty again by touching a surface. 

Alcohol-based lotions are the best way to kill viruses on hands. However, virus does not tend to jump from one part of your face to another. Having the virus on your nose, mouth, and eyes is concerning, but having it on your forehead, hair, and other parts is less worrisome, unless you move your hand around to your head and then touch your noise. 

The respiratory tract is responsible for the transfer of virus into your body, so if you have it on other parts of your face, a good soap wash might do the job. No matter the chances, everything that is above your neck is near your respiratory tract, so the best way is to avoid contact. 

Washing your hands is not enough; the most effective way of protection from novel coronavirus is through the use of the HealthyBuzz.

As a human, we keep touching things, which can result in the spread of the virus. 

How to tackle touching your face frequently?

To stop touching your face is a big deal and is not an easy feat.

Humans are likely to touch their face about 23 times in one hour. In such a case, when a pandemic is out there, touching your face is the worst thing you can do to yourself. 

So, what can you do to protect yourself and stop touching your face? 

There are many ways to tackle the situation, apart from being vigilant about it. The face touching is more dangerous for the medical staff as they are in continuous contact with the patients with the virus. 

To tackle the situation, HealthyBuzz is a device that can be used to prevent people from touching their face. The HealthyBuzz device is designed and formulated in a way that it can remind the person before touching their face when hand is getting close to the face. It is a form of self-training that will help medical experts, nurses, and other medical staff to protect themselves in the long run. 

The best thing about the device is that you can stick it on your face or your face mask. Once you do it, the HealthyBuzz will start buzzing to remind you that you cannot touch your face. In this way, you can protect yourself from catching the virus. 

image of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

If you really need to touch your face, like your skin is itchy, then at least you can wash your hands before doing so. 

Washing hands is necessary, but not touching the face is crucial. 
The HealthyBuzz is the best device you need to train yourself. 


image of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)