Electricity Quality Spy

electricity quality spy

What is our Electricity Quality Spy?

Expensive equipment is always subject to abuse by bad power quality. This would cause harm to the manufacturers, especially those who lease the equipment or provide very generous warrantees and after sale supports. AST1088 is designed to monitor the quality of power coming to any equipment. It has a live real time clock and calendar which keeps the time with high accuracy for over 15 years even without power. Using easy to use Windows software application, unit setting and sensitivity can be programmed and event log can be reviewed or downloaded. Events can be selected as either voltage or frequency along their sensitivity level and finally all recorded events are time stamped for further investigations.


  • Rugged and reliable design
  • Weather resistant
  • Industrial operating temperature
  • Wide operating voltage
  • Long embedded battery life (15 years)
  • Compatible with all power standards
  • Single phase and three phase compatibility
  • Equipped with real time clock and calendar
  • Fully programmable for event recording

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