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What is the Gateway Alfa?

Realizing a complete IoT solution can be very complicated, time consuming and expensive. However, Arshon Technology came up with the idea of generalization and providing a software and hardware backbone to provide the service to every business who is interested in this IoT upgrade. Our “Gateway Alfa” is a low cost Gateway to connect your devices to the Cloud. This device is designed to be used alongside It will provide you an easy Wi-Fi access, and sends and receives data from multiple ports directly to your dashboard.

No programming, no hardware knowledge and no high dollar value investment needed. 

 The Gateway has different hardware ports to match to any type of data systems, therefore for every situation we have an opportunity to match the hardware:

  • ADC (Analog to Digital converter) which can measure analog signals from zero to 10 volts.
  • Serial port to be connected to an external sensor or this serial port can act like Serial-to-Cloud feature.
  • PWM output signal that can be programmed from cloud to achieve different duty cycles and frequencies.
  • Form-C relay on board that can provide ON/OFF dry contacts to control any AC or DC signal
  • Temperature sensor will control and monitor your machines.

User does not need to know what protocol we use for communication, how we transfer the data to the cloud and how we store them and later how we recall the data and demonstrate them on dashboard. All of these features are already developed and the only part remaining will be the dashboard design and how you like to present the data to your users and how you like to demonstrate the data such as bar graphs or other types of graphs. Gateway Alfa can be used by anyone who wants to benefit from Cloud connectivity without the need of any engineering knowledge or software development background.


  • Easy setup and reset via pressing a button
  • Monitor where they are and the status of their operation
  • Minimal Initial investment
  • Hardware device can be in the range of $20 to $200 depends on the complexity of the system
  • Customized Dashboard for the user, either your staff or your customers
  • Take full control over your device
  • Update your device firmware code remotely
  • Track the location of your device
  • Record abuse such as dirty power, mechanical shock, environmental abuse such as exposing to very cold or very high temperature
  • Predict the failures
  • Manage maintenance when needed
  • No travel to the device needed
  • Collect crucial information about all of your products
  • Collect the usage and setting around the equipment
  • Make improvement using the collected data
  • Control the operation remotely

Visual Showcase

Gateway Alfa
Gateway Alfa
Printed Circuit Board

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