GPS System for Trucks

Infographic of truck GPS system

What is a GPS System for trucks?

GPS system for truck gives your fleet an aerodynamic advantage by reducing the low pressure vacuum that forms. This in turn reduces drag and increased your fleet’s fuel efficiency. It consists of GPS module, H-bridge control for actuators, proximity Sensor Interrupt, limit switch sensor interrupt, over-current protection, power management, micro controller. Also, it has passed 10 different types of qualification tests such as continuous test over 4 hours, cold/hot temperature test, reverse polarity test, low/high voltage test, two minutes 18V test, vibration test, drop test, and EMC/FCC test.


  • Delivers up to 10% fuel saving at highway speeds
  • Built with minimal interactions in mind
  • Self deploy and retract by using GPS Technology
  • Fully automated
  • The tail automatically deploys when a vehicle reaches a speed of 40 miles per hour, and automatically closes when it decelerates below 20 miles per hour

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