LoRa Offline GPS Tracking System

Lo-Ra GPS tracking system

What is the LoRa Offline GPS Tracking System?

LoRa(Long range) is a technology that enables long-distance transmission with low power consumption. Unlike communication networks that require ultra-high-speed, broadband network equipment, LoRa allows communicating data by slower rate and longer range which makes it ideal for battery operated applications. This GPS device will be installed on the vehicles such as public transportation buses and they continuously record and store the location and speed information into the local flash memory and when the bus arrives at the station the information with be transferred to the local server via secured LoRa wireless network.

The LoRa gateway receives all data from all of the buses in the station and transfers them to a local server, later administration can look at the data when they need to, also because there is no 3G or LTE data needed the cost of operation is lower.


  • No need to pay for Data services provided by 3G or LTE providers
  • Great efficiency through long range of operation with low power consumption
  • Equipped with prominent security to prevent illegal copying, firmware forgery, falsification, and data breach
  • Data will be transferred and saved on a private network and it is not passing through public communication media such as cellular networks
  • System is maintenance free, and it has higher reliability as it is not reliant on broadband providers

Visual Showcase

How LoRa Offline GPS tracking is working
How LoRa offline GPS tracking is working
multi-rf pcb board
PCB board with sensors detecting the status of equipment

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