LTE Online Wireless Tracking System

LTE GPS tracking

What is the LTE Online Wireless Tracking System?

Arshon’s LTE Wireless Online Modules is one of the Internet of Things platforms to analyze big data using clouds. It is a service to collect and store information generated from IoT end nodes, and analyze the data. Particularly, our system is a technology that combines different sensing technologies and cellular network. Using the LTE communication module and sensor modules, information can be delivered such as GPS tracking info in real-time. The sensor attached to vehicle collects locations via GPS satellite, and communicates with the cellular tower network. The transmitted information is stored in the clouds or remote servers, and it can be used to provide user-customized analysis by investigating the stored data. Data collected through the LTE network can be safely and efficiently being managed and utilized for data analytics based on various algorithms. Also, it can be used not only for automobile GPS, but can also be used for tracking situations in real time such as smart factories, lost children or pets, item lost prevention, and etc. Here are some of the features of our system;


  • Real time data collection 
  • No limit on the number of sensors and data you want to collect
  • Complies with the LTE networks 
  • Easy and fast access to the data via Cloud applications 

Visual Showcase

LTE Modem
It allows real-time location tracking
LTE board
GPS tracker PCB

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