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Obsolescence Management Serviecs

An essential practice for Electronics industries is managing the obsolescence or shortage of components. There are many devices in almost all industries all around the world, which are carrying out vital operations and they, occasionally, face their parts and components becoming outdated, discontinued, or short for a period of time. The functionality of thousands of devices is in jeopardy as a result of some components becoming obsolete.

Pandemic is a great example of risk created to the economy, manufacturing and eventually consumers by shortage of electronic parts.

As an Electronic Design and Manufacturer, at Arshon Technology, we have provided the solution of “Redesigning” on multiple different products. We focus on redesigning those devices which face discontinued/obsolete/short parts/components through redesign and replacing the best next alternative parts to them, so we solve majority of these issues. This is the way we are filling in this gap to ensure that our services are working successfully.

What Is Obsolescence?

Component obsolescence is a major issue for companies that design or manufacture electronic equipment. With developments in the electronics arena taking place at a rapid rate, components come and go very quickly. The term “obsolescence” typically reminds thoughts of outdated technologies like older memory disks or cassette players. But for essential businesses, it means that key components and materials are no longer available. This is either because assembly lines are disrupted, their manufacturers dissolve, or technology associated with the process of making the part is obsolete.


Why Does Obsolescence Happen?

  • Some ICs/Chips are not popular and profitable enough in the first place, so manufacturers abandon their production after a while.
  • Technologies are updating day by day, hence, those ICs which are produced through older technologies will not be profitable for producers to build at a time, and they stop the production.
  • Almost all parts are trying to get into miniatures size, as a result, ICs with bigger packages are not popular anymore and manufacturers are prone to shutting down their production.
  • ICs’ technologies are replaced by brand new ones, then those older ones will not be demanded in the market step by step. In fact, technological evolvement causes some ICs to become obsolete.

How Do You Manage the Obsolescence?

All components become obsolete after a time. However, some become obsolete more quickly than others. In this way, obsolescence is a factor that will be with all electronic designs. Accordingly, obsolescence is a factor that is best managed right at the earliest stages of the development of an item of electronics equipment, or anything else for that matter.

Obsolescence is a major issue in any item of electronic equipment – it is quite common for some components to go obsolete before the final design for the equipment has been completed. Accordingly, obsolescence management is a key element of any design. We try to redesign and implement your PCB having faced IC/component obsolescence with the latest one letting your PCB have the same functionality as before.

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