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What is Orange Fob?

“Orange Fob” is a long-range wireless communication device that connects two or multiple smartphones together without the need of a cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity. The user connects the Fob to his phone via Bluetooth and installs the Orange Wireless App on their smartphone and starts sending text messages or voice messages to other devices over the secure LoRa wireless network.

What is special about this Fob:

  • Can be converted to a pocket slip 
  • Can be used as a hanging tag via strap
  • Can be use as a key chain device 
  • User can send text messages 
  • User can send short audio message

Using Bluetooth and LoRa technology combined with low power and high accuracy GPS system, Arshon Technology could develop this innovative device that can be very useful in communication in areas that cellular coverage is not available or not reliable.

Other features of the device as below:

  • Can communicate up to 15Km (10 Mile) in line of site 
  • Using multiple devices in an area would extend the range as messages cab me passed through devices to extend the range even longer 
  • Long battery life (more than 48 hours) 
  • Wireless charge capability 
  • IP68 which means it can be dropped into the water and stayed safe 
  • Use multiple Frequency channels to avoid collision
  • App can load offline maps, so GPS tracking does not need data and connectivity 
  • GPS tracking and location sharing is possible  

Some applications of the Orange Fob:

  • Connecting to other people in areas with no or not reliable cellular coverage areas. 
  • Camping usage 
  • Hiking outdoor 
  • Mountain climbing 
  • Sailing and boating 
  • Skiing on out-of-the-range slopes 
  • Travel on the cruise ships


Security of the network is at the highest level, Fob has two level of encryption, one at the LoRa wireless network which is done through Semtech chipset, and one is on the App level which is done by the App to provide another level of security. 

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Let us show you how we work!
We are happy to show our company

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