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OrangeMesh Dongle, ultimate off-grid connectivity solution

Whether you’re exploring the great outdoors, enjoying a remote camping trip, or exploring far-off destinations where telecommunication services are unavailable, the OrangeMesh Dongle has got you covered. Don’t let the absence of cellular signal puts you in danger during activities like hiking or climbing in distant forests. Stay connected, even when your teammates are lost or out of reach. With the OrangeMesh Dongle, you can ensure private text and voice messaging, providing peace of mind and a lifeline in remote areas. Stay connected, stay safe with the OrangeMesh Dongle!

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What is OrangeMesh Dongle?

OrangeMesh Dongle USB versionThe OrangeMesh Dongle is a communication gadget that offers an independent wireless communication system, free from reliance on the Internet. By using this dongle, you can establish a secure and encrypted data transmission between your various devices, such as laptops, desktop computers, and tablets. Your communications are protected to such a high degree that intercepting or decoding them becomes virtually impossible.

Sending text message using OrangeMesh Dongle without cellular connection

Types of OrangeMesh Dongle

OrangeMesh Dongle USB version is for Laptops and Mobile OrangeMesh Dongle is for smartphone use. All of these different models are compatible with each other, so someone using the laptop can send and receive text messages to another person using an OrangeMesh Dongle for Android or even iPhone version.

Types of OrangeMesh Dongle

Why OrangeMesh Dongle?

In the modern era of technology, the Internet has revolutionized our lives, providing remarkable benefits that have reshaped how we live, work, and connect with others. However, it is vital to recognize the potential security and privacy risks that accompany this interconnected world.

Arshon Technology has passionately enrolled innovations, leading us to develop the OrangeMesh Dongle as a response to the need for communication in situations where WiFi and cellular connectivity are unavailable. Our primary objective was to create a truly private and secure communication solution. With the OrangeMesh Dongle, you have the ability to send and receive text messages and voice messages at any time and from any location, utilizing LoRa protocols.

What sets the Orange Dongle apart is its compatibility across various devices. Users can exchange text messages between laptops, Android phones, and iPhones, ensuring effective communication regardless of the device being used.

a woman sitting on a boat is using OrangeMesh Dongle to send message over the lake

OrangeMesh Dongle bypass cellular networks

OrangeMesh Dongle can bypass the cellular network

How to use OrangeMesh Dongle?

What is the specification of OrangeMesh Dongle?

  • Unparalleled Security

  • Communication Anywhere, Anytime

  • Low cost

  • Long range

  • Compact and Easy to use

  • Mesh Capability 

  • Ability to connect to wireless sensors

How about Security?

Our system integrates a dual encryption mechanism, employing both our chat software and wireless communication encoder, to deliver an unmatched level of security. This distinctive method ensures that your communications remain immune to any possible decryption or cyber attack.

What makes our product special, is its operation beyond the typical and conventional Internet infrastructure. In contrast to systems depending on telecom towers or cloud services, our wireless network guarantees that your data avoids travelling through the Internet, eliminating any trace or record on the cloud servers. Our solution provides truly untraceable communication.

Share your location via OrangeMesh Dongle

Utilize the Mobile OrangeMesh Dongle to share your location, benefiting from the convenience of an already downloaded offline map:

Sharing location via OrangeMesh Dongle

Comparison of OrangeMesh Dongle to a typical Walkie Talkie

OrangeMesh Dongle converts your smartphone into an advanced Walkie Talkie: 

Comparison table. OrangeMesh dongle VS walkietalkie

OrangeMesh Dongle power usage is very minimal

On average with typical smartphones in the market, the consumption of energy by OrangeMesh Dongle is less than 5% of the battery capacity over 8 hours.

battery usage of OrangeMesh Dongle

Text Messaging on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean

In the middle of the ocean where there is no cellular signal or WI-FI availability, OrangeMesh Dongle is your first choice of communication.  

Using orangeMesh Dongle on cruise ship

Visual Showcase

Visual case of OrangeMesh Dongle
Visual case of USB OrangeMesh Dongle

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