OrangeMesh FOB
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OrangeMesh FOB, a revolutionary off-grid connectivity solution​

OrangeMesh FOB is a new generation of Orange Dongle which incorporates battery and Bluetooth connectivity.
Based on feedback we received from Orange Dongle users, a connection of the dongle to the mobile phone may be not desirable for everyone, therefore we came up with the idea of OrangeMesh FOB with Bluetooth connectivity.
OrangeMesh FOB like Orange Dongle is a wireless Gadget, which helps create a private network for text messaging and voice messaging.   

Using OrangeMesh FOB in nature

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What is OrangeMesh Fob?​

The OrangeMesh FOB is a small and light cylindrical device which can be easily carried around. It is a companion to your mobile phone or laptop, and it makes the noncentralized wireless network use for communication in the absence of cellular coverage.  

OrangeMesh FOB uses a USB-C connection for charging, and it can operate for a minimum of 10 hours after a full charge.

Why OrangeMesh FOB?​

Everyone may have different reasons for using this gadget, someone may use it for security in communication, another person may want to be connected while in the middle of the wild outdoors and a family may use it on a cruise ship for being connected.

two people using OrangeMesh FOB for sending message

What are the specifications of Orange FOB?

  • Topnotch Security
  • Independent Communication
  • Low cost
  • Long range
  • Portable, small size
  • Battery operated
Using OrangeMesh FOB while cycling in nature
Uses of OrangeMesh FOB

How to use Orange FOB?

Each Orange FOB is equipped with Bluetooth, LoRa and NFC communication modules. To connect the device to a mobile phone, simply run the App and tap the device, the Bluetooth will become pairable, connect the Bluetooth and you are good to go.  

Mesh Communication

OrangeMesh FOB like its predecessor can work in mesh topology, in mesh mode, data can be transmitted through multiple FOBs, extending the range as long as there are FOBs within each other’s reach. Mesh topology comparing to peer-to-peer mode has the ability to expand the network as much as possible, there is no limit on how large this network can be, we just need more users of OrangeMesh FOB.

Describing Mesh topology of OrangeMesh network

Visual Showcase

Showing OrangeMesh FOB in hand
Showing OrangeMesh FOB with its accessories

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