PCB Design Services & Prototyping Process

Whether you require a circuit design or a PCB design we at Arshon Technology can help you. We will review the details of the PCB in terms of size, features and assembly requirements and we will use the latest CAD software available to design the PCB layout for you.

We also run the PCB design through our design rules and make sure it is manufacturable. We also use our own fabrication facility in Shenzhen China to produce the PCB for our customers: www.pcbbasket.com

PCB design Process:

First, we need to gather the Requirements & Specifications, then we consider standards that the PCB should meet and select the type of PCB material, copper thickness as well as final PCB finish. Next step we place the critical components and make sure connectors and mechanically critical parts are correctly placed on the board. Then we do the routing.


Routing is a time consuming process, as all connections which we all them the nets in schmatics should be converted to a copper track which would travel on the PB and make the connetion between two or multiple points. Also these tracks may travel to different layers which they have to pass through vias. 

PCB Prototyping Process:

We split the circuits into smaller parts and for the first board we only assemble the pats on one circuit manually and test hat circuit and if there is no issue we move on to the next circuit. This process continues until all components and circuits completed.

The very first board is most of the cases goes through this manual assembly and testing.

If we find any issue then board will be modified for that error and design file also will be modified.

We usually provide a final assembled PC Board free of errors to our customers as sample.