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PCB Assembly USA & Canada

For a company to excel in the competitive contemporary market, quick and effective manufacturing is crucial. We apply our extensive engineering experience to assembly of your PCB at our facilities either in Toronto Canada or Shenzhen China, and we ensure that we deliver them to meet today’s tight schedules with highest quality.

Fully Automated PCB Assembly

PCB assembly & manufacturing services!

3D Optical Inspection System

Using 3D optical inspection we push the quality to the highest in industry

X-Ray Inspection Machine

3D X-Ray inspection system for multiplayer PCB and BGA assembly

Component Counting Using X-Ray Imaging

Counting the components inside the REEL using X-Ray and video processing

Feel free to ask any question about our PCB assembly and manufacturing services in below:

  • PCB Manufacturing
  • PCB Assembly (PCBA)
  • PCB Repair
  • PCB Test Fixture
  • PCBA Functional Test
  • Component Replacement to address Obsolete parts

Arshon Technology Inc. can focus exclusively on your PCB manufacturing needs or manage the whole Product Design and Manufacturing operation for you. Either way, efficiency and high-quality are at the core of our activities. Smooth production and a detail-oriented mentality are great assets we offer to our clients.

PCB assembly inspection
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Automatic PCB Assembly

We continue to provide capital for automation to connect our Services, people and processes, therefore improving our factory output, standard, responsiveness, and in addition correctness of decision making throughout the product lifecycle. In the past 12 years we have been a valued Manufacturer of specialty Electronic products to the following industries:
  • Agricultural
  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Textile
  • Hydraulic products
  • Manufacturer
  • Machinery and Appliance
  • Manufacturer

PCB Repair

There are situations that after doing the PCB assembly, the outcome of the assembly line is a bad PCB and it cannot pass the quality tests, in these situations we may decide to repair or scrap the PCBs. In most of the cases the cost of components is much higher than the PCB itself and it really makes sense to identify the bad part or issue with the PCBA and repair the boards.

The process of repair starts with one PCBA and it may be identified as one of the below scenarios:

  • Bad part is used in the assembly
  • Wrong Orientation of a part
  • Misplacement of the part
  • Cold Solder
  • Bridge Solder
  • Wrong part placement

After identifying the cause of the problem, our engineers provide a repair instruction and procedure document, which can be used by our technicians and our worker to fix the existing affected PCBs.

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Manufacturing is more than just putting parts together. It’s coming up with ideas, testing principals and perfecting the engineering, as well as final assembly

– James Dyson

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Sample of Manufactured PCBs – part 1
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Sample of Manufactured PCBs – part 2

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