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Analog Circuit Design​

Analog Design is an art in Electronic Engineering, only after spending several years playing with discrete components and designing circuits you are able to call yourself an Analog Designer. Every piece of circuit would be designed based on many years experience and needs prototyping and testing to be confirmed, design and engineering is very extensive, but the end circuit is very close to functionality needed also it is very cost effective.

At Arshon Technology Inc. we have a couple of senior Analog Designers who accumulated extensive experience on designing discrete circuits and have learned all the tricks and challenges to succeed and they know that Analog Circuit Design requires a highly disciplined development approach to control all the variables.

analog circuit design
analog design 2

To accelerate the development process, we chose to use P-SPICE Simulation in our designs in order to provide all the concept before actually building the circuits.

Analog Circuit is an outstanding alternative for companies searching low-cost design solutions. We design a complex circuit by building blocks of transistors and other elementary electronic components, which results in a very customized final-product. We also use Analog techniques in high-speed digital circuits to compensate the high frequency behavior of its elements and make them work. Analog Circuit Design is used in many other designs such as LED lightening, Power Supply Designs, Battery Chargers, Communication Circuitry and more. You can check our Portfolio to watch the videos of our projects Contact us to let us know what you need! We’ll be happy to help you.

Let us show you how we work!
We are happy to show our company

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