IoT Development for Digital Transformation

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IoT is an essential element of Digital Transformation, although it is not the only piece of technology, it is considered an integral and crucial element in Digital Transformation.

Importance of IoT Development:

We are currently in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0), which has established the Internet of Things (IoT) as the cornerstone of real-time recording integration and cyber and physical system integration. Companies which might not be able to evolve to this generation are certain to lose their competitiveness and ultimately fade away.

Business leaders worldwide are continuously in search of new technologies and realistic strategies that may enhance enterprise efficiency. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the subsequent step in virtual transformation and essentially redefines how we engage with generation. There is more to IoT than just a step towards digital transformation; It is the future!

It is the engine that drives the advancement of the digital economy.

The Internet of Things has already altered our way of life. For instance, we are already witnessing the evolution of products into products-as-a-service, from connected homes and industrial machinery to appliances, among others.

How far Arshon Technology has come

For businesses, IoT gives new opportunities for connecting with clients and companions in addition to gathering, storing, and studying sizable quantities of data. Over the years, opportunities have grown steadily, encouraging organizations around the world to explore the opportunities offered by this era.

This machine aims to improve the interaction between the times and people with the aim of providing easier and more gripping access. IoT for enterprise assists businesses in turning in progressive and actionable answers at numerous levels, together with manufacturing, delivery chain, finance, client care, community security, and backup answers.

Usually, IoT calls for a preliminary excessive capital investment, and advertising and marketing takes ages. But with Arshon Technology, groups can now have a breath of clean air with an IoT answer those ticks all of the applicable boxes. Moreover, through embedding this low-value IoT Chip into devices, customers can obtain IoT compatibility in only months.

By turning in modern IoT-powered answers in addition to iotLNKS platform, organizations can rework their enterprise desires into competitive differentiators. This complete IoT provider consists of integrating the proper sensors, obtaining insights, and deciding on the maximum appropriate platform to serve the person efficiently. We at Arshon Technology developed an IoT on a chip using a Wi-Fi module that accelerates IoT development.

This system can be applied to any product that needs to be upgraded to IoT.

  • Is your product outdated? 
  • Are you looking to give an edge to your product with the Internet of Things? 
  • Is the cost of upgrading a big burden for your business? 
  • Time to market for IoT development is too long, and you are behind the market?

We have developed below items and they are ready for deployment:

  • Firmware code associated with Wi-Fi connectivity 
  • MQTT protocol for cloud connectivity 
  • AWS connectivity programs and codes 
  • Cloud service platform

Depends on application we need to customize below items:  

  • Incorporating our Wi-Fi module into your Hardware
  • Develop a customized Dashboard on the cloud 
  • Develop customized App
Rapid IoT Upgrade Services

Realizing a Coffee Maker with IoT compatibility

With the built-in WiFi module, the coffee maker becomes an IoT device, the coffee maker can hold all existing electronic devices and just add a WIFI module to connect to the cloud. Therefore, you can use the entire cloud and connections you have already developed. This coffee machine takes a very short time.

Realizing a Coffee Maker with IoT compatibility
Blood Pressure Monitor with IoT compatibility

Blood Pressure Monitor with IoT compatibility

Embedded Wi-Fi module sends your blood pressure data to a secure cloud and can be monitored by your physician.

The Wi-Fi module acts like a bridge between this medical device and the database on the cloud and can be used for telemedicine or any other medical applications.

Manufacturing Machine with IoT compatibility

A Manufacturing machine can send the production data to the local server or the cloud when the IoT Chip is embedded inside your equipment.

Manufacturing Machine with IoT compatibility

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