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Mazi Hosseini
Mazi Hosseini | CEO

Mazi is our CEO, he is coming from a background in engineering within companies like GE and Siemens, and his focus is quality in engineering and providing excellent service and support to our customers. He believes in close relationship with each customer to fully understand their needs and challenges and then providing the services within time and budget.

Victor mazin
Victor Mazin | Software Development Lead

Victor is our senior software development lead since 2009. Victor’s skills are the combination of the solid knowledge of electric physics with the extensive practical experience in development and design of software products. He specializes in the C/C#/C++. He participated in many Arshon’s projects; Digital Fault Recorder modernization, embeddedness of power transformers in the IoT cloud, Development of Digital Micro-fluidics Monitor, Design of Photo-Acoustics Spectroscopy controller and etc.

Helen Zhang
Helen Zhang | Management Administrator

Helen is our management administer assistant working hard and enthusiastically. She takes care of a lot of daily activities and manages shipping, invoicing, ordering, accounting and more. Her role is complicated and she is a big asset to our operation.

Hamid Mahmoudkhani | Senior Firmware Developer

Hamid is our lead firmware developer with over 15 years of experience in developing firmware on different platform such as ARM, PIC, ATTiny, and so on. Also he has extensive experience in development of drivers and hardware/firmware associated with: WIFI, Bluetooth, Lora, GPS, UWB, LCD, ADC, NFC, RTD, DAC, USB, Flash, Battery management, and Smart sensors. He is an asset to Arshon Technology.

Noor Hannoudi | Production Manager

Noor is our production Manager, she has master degree in Electrical Engineering and been working for us since 2013. She is in charge of our production and manage a team of manufacturing and achieving aggressive goals and targets as well as on-time shipment.

Arezoo Motavally | UI/UX Designer

Arezoo is our UI/UX Designer holding a master’s degree in design with over 6 years of experience in design field. Her passion is not only to create beautiful and simple aesthetic, but it is also, and mainly, to solve problems and design products and experiences that are meaningful, impactful and accessible for everyone.

kay kim
Kay Kim | Web Designer

Kay is our web designer and developer working hard with passion. Her experience in not limited to WordPress, React but she has good working knowledge on computer programming like C#, Python. Her role at Arshon is to keep and maintain our web presence.

linda lu
Linda Liu | Senior PCB Designer

Linda is our PCB designer with over 20 years of experience in PCB design. She has a very detailed attention to details and her designs are very unlikely to have errors. She is familiar with PCB fabrication processes including PCB materials, finishes, and inspection quality standards and more.

ramina zand
Romina Zand | Sales Development Engineer

Romina is our sales development engineer holding a master’s degree in Engineering, and has been involved in engineering sales and marketing since graduation. She is very passionate about her work and instead of just pushing the sales, she tries to understand customer’s needs and challenges and find the best solution for their problem.

Anna Mohammadlou | Sales Development Engineer

Anna is our sales development engineer holding a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering. Her passion is engineering sales. She has been on multiple different project acquisition and played a great role in educating customers with Arshon’s services. Also helped them in finding the best solution for their project execution. Anna is a very easy person to work with.

Moe Mashaghi | Senior Electronic Designer

Moe is our senior electronic designer with broad range of knowledge and experience in electronics. He mainly focusing on embedded and mixed signal design fields. His over 10 years of hands-on experience in design and development make him a great asset for our company.

Hossein Khayami
Hossein Khayami | Senior Hardware Engineer

Hossein is our senior electronic engineer holding a master’s degree in electrical engineering. He has several years of experience in digital circuit design and embedded system programming and has developed multiple IoT products, especially for medical, agricultural, and smart home applications.

Amir Mohammadi
Amir Mohammadi | Firmware Developer

Amir is our senior firmware developer with over 10 years of experience in different area of Embedded programming. He has experience programming in low level C on Micro-controller platforms such as ARM, Attiny, PIC. He also has extensive experience using ESP32 platform for WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity.

Karim Al Soufi
Karim Al Soufi | Mechanical Engineer

Karim is our mechanical engineer holding a PhD in mechanical engineering. With over 10 years of experience in thermal analysis, he is very resourceful and can do thermal simulate for high power and critical PCB’s. He has been involved in multiple aerospace and military designs. He is a consultant to Arshon Technology.

Elizabeth Nowak
Elizabeth Nowak | Vendor Qualification Officer

Elizabeth is our vendor qualification officer with over 28 years experience in Electronic industry. She was involved in multiple roles in electronic manufacturing and her duty at Arshon is vendors qualifications and communications.

Alireza Totoonchi
Alireza Totoonchi | Mechanic Engineer

Alireza is our mechanic engineer holding master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. With over 10 years of experience in product development and design, he is expert in Solid state design and robotics. He also designed multiple different parts used in automotive applications. He has hands on experience with SolidWorks and Autodesk.

Mark Kaya
Mark Kaya | Compliance Engineer

Mark is our compliance engineer holding B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering. With over 12 years of experience in product Compliance, he has been working with multiple agencies such as UL, Intertek as a compliance engineer for more than a decade and he is working as an outside consultant for Arshon Technology. His experience in variety of areas related to Consumer Electronics and Medical is very valuable to our product development.

Jenny Tu
Jenny Tu | Procurement Manager

Jenny is our procurement manager holding master’s degree in French language as well as BA in commerce. She is an experienced component sourcing specialist; she has a close relationship with a lot of Asian Electronic component manufacturer and distributors, and she can source all critical parts for Arshon production. She speaks Cantonese, Mandarin, English and French.

Sonia Waleed
Sonia Waleed | Legal Secretary

Sonia is our legal secretary holding master’s degree in international corporate communication. She is responsible for contract preparation and legal affairs at Arshon Technology, Sonia has been involved in preparation of multiple large dollar value contracts with Arshon customers, she works with a team of lawyers outside of Arshon Technology.

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