USB Multi-RF Gateway for Wireless Sensor Network

USB type multi RF gateway for wireless sensor network

What is a USB Multi-RF Gateway for Wireless Sensor Network?

Internet of things is growing as a technology to create new values in various industries, and various solutions are being proposed. It collects data from all objects and analyzes, interprets, and utilizes the data to improve convenience, detect and prevent abnormal signs early, and use them for automatic control. In the IoT market, there is a tendency to pay attention to service development, but when it comes to building a solution, it cannot create value unless it is a system that considers not only software, but also its installation, maintenance, and ease of introduction. The core technologies that support this are sensing technology and wireless communication technology. These technologies are essential to support the expansion of IoT. Arshon can supply the bare-bones of hardware and software to accommodate these needs.

In order to collect data from all objects, we need sensors and actuators as well as a system that aggregates the data. There are usually several sensors, and they collect data such as temperature, humidity, luminance, movement of the machine, position, and power consumption. Since the collected data is stored on the server for analysis and analysis, it is necessary to establish a network from the sensor to the server. Arshon Technology has various short-range and long-range wireless communication parts. USB multi-RF Gateway is one of the products that can communicate in WIFI, Bluetooth and LoRa all together and the same time, and Arshon’s gateway delivers the information users wants quickly, accurately and securely.

This Gateway can create a Bridge between two different wireless networks, for example a low range Bluetooth device can connect to the gateway and the data transmitted via LoRa to 2 miles away from the Bluetooth sensor, which technically is not possible by Bluetooth network itself. 

A transceiver of multi-RF Gateway is conveniently using a USB port, and communicates with peripheral equipment using LoRa, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. It sends and receives data from peripheral devices within two miles and provides the user with necessary information such as temperature, vibration, humidity, flow, vicinity, voltage, energy, and GPS. This service will help increase the convenience of users of big data platforms in the public sector, ensure growth for company innovation, contribute to fair competition for the wireless industry and improve service quality. Here are some of the features of our system;


  • Gateway can communicate low-range (WIFI or Bluetooth) and Long-Range LoRa together and at the same time.
  • Data can be sent and received on multiple networks as well as through USB to a computer.
  • Gateway can be programmed to act like a bridge between two wireless networks.
  • This gateway has enough Flash memory on board which makes it possible to save recorded data or status on board without the need of connection to a PC.
  • It provides a convenient mini-compact size for space-saving.

Visual Showcase

Multi RF USB
Using conveniently along a USB port
multi-rf pcb board
PCB board with sensors detecting the status of equipment

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