Wind Generator Charger

Wind Generator charger

What is a Wind Generator Charger?

We are specialized in design and manufacturing of Small Wind chargers from 100W to 5KW. Wind generator charger includes one controller board, multiple power supplies, and one circuit breaker interconnected. It takes wild AC power from the wind turbine and converts it into clean DC power to charge the 12V, 24V or 48V battery packs.

This battery pack makes the unit self-powered as it tracks the wind conditions and operates wirelessly. Wild AC means 5 Hz to 400 Hz, voltage of 10 VAC to 600 VAC. Arshon Technology can customize chargers based on your specific needs.


  • Mode A (input voltage profile) and Mode B(charger only)
  • It is capable of learning power curve associated with the turbine
  • All inputs for Power Supplies should be scanned sequentially in the main loop, so in case of failure, the available power is recalculated
  • The battery charge current should be adjusted based on two functions: Input voltage profile and/or the battery state
  • Unit is IP65 rated so it can stand harsh weather and environmental conditions 

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