Wireless Stray Voltage Detection System

wireless stray voltage detection system

What is a Wireless Stray Voltage Detection System?

Stray voltage is unwanted electrical voltage between two objects that ideally should be in the same potential. Small voltages often exist between two objects even if they are connected to the ground, due to current flow and resistance over the distance of conducting elements, but this voltage drop should be very small, otherwise it is considered as ground fault and can be hazardous.

In the high-power system as we are dealing of high magnitude of currents is Amperes, we can have high voltage drops if ground connection has not the good conductivity or lost its integrity. Sometimes this potential is called as Contact Voltage (CV) as well can make metal body of enclosure, metal posts, and metal structures dangerous to touch.

Some people call these as voltage leakage or stray voltage but either way the fault is cause by many different possible reasons, such as damaged insulation, or damaged or broken ground wring, or failure in transformer equipment, and many more. Contact voltage in any case is undesirable and needs to be detected and corrected in a quick manner. Electrical utility companies who are responsible for transmission and delivery of power need to monitor these situations. Main challenge for Electrical companies is the distance between equipment and physical scale of distribution system, some of these transmission lines are distributed for hundreds of miles from each other and monitoring them needs a large crew of experienced electricians an unlimited time and resources to cover such a vast area.

Therefore, Arshon’s wireless stray voltage monitoring system comes very handy and efficient for this monitoring application. When a certain level of voltage flows is detected, Arshon Technology’s Stray Voltage Detectors installed in electrical equipment report information such as status of current, street address, voltage levels, and etc. related the contact voltage to the portable user device. User will receive pertinent data through wireless GPS tracking in certain distance. Our technology is using very precise measurement circuitry that runs on battery for long time and report the stray voltage even done to 1VAC over a wireless network; here are some of the features of our system.


  • Works under harsh weather condition
  • No external power needed, and it runs on battery for up to 10 years. 
  • Not sensitive to capacitive voltage sources
  • Secure encrypted wireless communication
  • Not connected to public clouds for higher security level
  • No maintenance is needed
  • Almost unlimited number of nodes
  • Mobile data collection 
  • Localized data collection by download to a laptop
  • Manipulating collected data according to the needs of users
  • Equipped with GPS localization, so getting to the point of failure is easy and fast
  • Device is protected against high voltage surge
  • Complied with wireless standards and certified to be used in North America. 

Visual Showcase

stray voltage detector
Voltage detector installed on the conductors
contact voltage detect system
Details of electricity are transmitted using wireless communication

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