About us | Electronic Design & Manufacturing

Arshon Technology offers complete end-to-end electronic design and manufacturing services to customers in a wide range of industries, from consumer electronics to Industrial applications and very high-tech startups.

Our priority is to fully understand the customers' requirements/needs and then use the highest standards of engineering to fulfil the design, validation, testing and finally taking the product into production.

We are flexible and innovative, our team of engineers propose solutions to the complex technical issues and dilemmas, there is no limit in how effective we can realize the design to get the product into the market in shortest possible time.

Our Mission

  • Provide the highest quality of design and manufacturing to our customers.
  • Propose the optimum solution to the problems
  • We understand that not always the most complicated solution is the best solution to the problem, threfore we are realistic when it gets to the product development, we make sure the project completes in the proposed time and budget.
  • Our success depends on our customers’ success

Message from president

Being a designer for over 25 years and working on multi-million-dollar design and development projects as an electronic engineer and project design lead and then having my own consulting and engineering firm since year 2005 taught me a lot. We challenge ourselves every minute of the work, our process is designed to let us think out of the box and bring even crazy ideas on the table. Arshon Technology team of engineers are learned to attach a problem from a high level at the begining of the project, we consider all possible options and we do risk mitigate the process.
This habit significantly reduces the chance of technological problem. We also are in continuous discussion with our customers as we are making decision of a design methodology or how the way we realize an engineering feature, therefore every decision has our customer sign off before it gets too far in the design and too late.
Our process includes prototyping and testing and this part of our work is very stringent and more time consuming than the actual design, we need to confirm that the prototype works as per our requirement under all possible situations, such as environmental conditions, expected performance, features, mechanical strength, …
One of our most important consideration at the start of the project is the product certification and licensing. Sometime these requirements would impact the design significantly and we take care of it at the start of the project, this is another critical point for a product to be able to get into the market successfully and on time.
Our work is our passion and we have lots of fun with it.   
Mazi Hosseini P.Eng.

Our People