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LoRa or Long-Range Wireless Technology, is a very popular wireless connectivity technology that is getting lots of attention in different industries.
To design a system, using LoRa technology we should have lots of consideration for frequencies, energy of signal, range, …

How LoRa works?

Today, We use a variety of wireless technologies for our sensors and gateways to be connected. One of the most essential technologies is LoRa Wireless generation. LoRa stands for Long Range, and it is based on modulation that is dependent on the spread spectrum technology itself. 

LoRa is a perfect solution that enables long-distance transmission with low power consumption. The lengthy variety of LoRa facilitates us to make use of it in any enterprise with the lowest cost and battery.

LoRa is considered as a low power wireless platform, and it is widely used in the Internet of Things (IoT). LoRa allows communicating data by slower rate and longer range which makes it ideal for battery operated applications therefore it is more suitable for urban and agricultural applications.

For the LoRa Technology Portal, it offers a range up to 4 Kilometers.in urban areas and sixteen Kilometers in rural regions. It is possible for a LoRa base (or any LP WAN) to be transmitted over long distances at low power. 

One of LoRa’s most important features is that it doesn’t collect all the data and send it to the cloud, but it sends it through a gateway to connect to an Ethernet and connect to a private network. This means that the client needs a private server. Since LoRa’s built-in sensors, it can transmit long distances but consumes less power (battery) and has very limited bandwidth.

What is LoRaWan?

The LoRaWAN protocol is a Layer Protocol (MAC) that is based on the LoRa protocol and operates to enable a complete network. The LoRaWAN network architecture is a star topology in which gateways transmit messages between end devices and the network central server.

Main features

  • Long-Range – Connects up to 30 miles of devices in rural areas to penetrate dense urban environments and deep indoors.
  • Security – AES128 encryption uses AES128 encryption to provide secure end-to-end communication between the device and the application server and is reliable.
  • Standard – Provides quick deployment IoT applications anywhere for LoRaWAN networks through device flexibility and global availability.
  • High Capacity – Each base station contains millions of messages to meet the needs of utilities servicing large markets.
  • Low cost – Reduces the cost of battery replacement and ultimately the cost of ownership and also open-source softwares.
  • Geolocation – Can locate smart devices without the need for GPS.
  • Easy to deploy – Uses the same hardware and software for public and private network deployments.
  • Remote updates – Remotely update  applications on a single device or  group of devices.
  • Low power – Minimum power consumption requires up to 10 years of battery life, minimizing battery replacement costs.

We can consider using the LoRa in a wide range of fields in many different applications, this could be used for long-distance device communication efficiently with low power consumption.

LoRa Applications

  • Monitoring and tracking animals (GPS)
  • Smart homes
  • Cattle health
  • Smart agriculture
  • Chain monitoring
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring ensures food quality
  • Smart Water Metering
  • Waste management
  • Air quality control (Co2 level)
  • Street Lighting
  • Smart Healthcare
  • Logistic Management

Arshon Technology LoRa Projects

Arshon Technology has been developing many projects related to design and manufacture gateways, USB and GPS tracking systems using LoRa technology which it can be used in many essential part of the industries for transmitting data in long-distance, here are some of our LoRa projects:

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